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In the heart of Obinagu Uwani, Akpugo, a

remarkable transformation is underway with the ongoing construction of a 3.7km asphalt road complemented by a double concrete drainage system. A notable achievement is the completion of a staggering 7.4km of the concrete drainage network, showcasing a commitment to resilient and sustainable infrastructure.

The landscape of Obinagu Uwani is further evolving with the construction of 11 adjoining culverts within the double drain, ensuring efficient water flow and reinforcing the durability of the entire system. This strategic approach exemplifies a comprehensive vision for infrastructure development.

Expanding the scope, the grading of community link roads across all wards in Nkanu West LGA is in progress, addressing the connectivity needs of the local population. The impact is far-reaching, fostering accessibility and enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.

Zooming in on specific communities, the construction of a culvert at Amuzu Community, Akpugo, reflects a localized focus on improving infrastructure tailored to the unique needs of each area. Simultaneously, one culvert was constructed in each of the 14 wards in Nkanu West LGA, highlighting a commitment to equitable development.

The transformative initiatives extend to the lateriting of Ugwuafor road, a testament to the comprehensive nature of the ongoing infrastructure projects. Additionally, the completion of the Ndiagu-Umuokwuo bridge in Akegbe Ugwu marks a significant milestone, connecting communities and facilitating smoother transportation networks.

As these construction projects unfold, Nkanu West LGA is poised for a new era of development, where well-planned and executed infrastructure initiatives serve as the foundation for progress and prosperity. The commitment to creating resilient, accessible, and sustainable communities is evident in each road laid, drainage system constructed, and culvert installed, painting a picture of a LGA on the cusp of a transformative journey.



In a commendable effort to enhance education in Nkanu West LGA, various impactful projects have been initiated to uplift educational institutions and empower students. One notable endeavor is the ongoing comprehensive renovation of Community Primary School, Obinagu Uwani. This project includes the replacement of all shutters, windows, and doors, both internal and external, accompanied by the installation of a solar-powered lighting system within the school compound. Additionally, white marker boards have been introduced in all classrooms, fostering a conducive learning environment.

Furthermore, a six-week intensive free holiday lesson was conducted at Technical College, Akpugo, demonstrating a commitment to bolstering students' academic prowess. This initiative aims to provide additional learning opportunities and support for students during their break.

Literacy has been a focal point, with the procurement and distribution of literature books to primary school pupils, fostering a culture of reading and expanding access to educational resources.

Recognizing and rewarding academic excellence, scholarships were awarded to the top-performing students during the six-week free holiday lessons at St. John Primary School, Agbani, and Technical College, Akpugo. This not only acknowledges the students' achievements but also encourages a culture of academic excellence.

The commitment to educational advancement extends beyond local borders, as exemplified by the award of scholarships to Miss Mmasichukwu Igwesi from Omuoha Obuoffia Awkunanaw and Miss Somtochukwu Ekwochi from Umueze. Miss Ekwochi's recognition as the best student in the WAEC examination (2022) underscores the dedication to nurturing and supporting outstanding academic talent.

Several other schools, including Boys Secondary School, Akpasha, St. John Primary School, Agbani, Boys Secondary School, Ozalla, and Community Primary School, Obinagu Uwani, have benefited from six weeks of intensive free holiday lessons. In each case, one-year academic scholarships were awarded to the best-performing students, demonstrating a holistic approach to educational development.

These educational projects collectively contribute to the positive transformation of the educational landscape in Nkanu West LGA, fostering a brighter future for students and empowering the community through knowledge and learning.



In a recent development, Nkanu West LGA has seen remarkable strides in electrification initiatives, bringing light to various communities and enhancing overall infrastructure. Notable achievements include:

1. *Solar Street Lights Illuminate Ogrishi Village and Obinagu Uwani Akpugo:*

The successful installation of solar street lights in Ogrishi village and Obinagu Uwani Akpugo has transformed these areas, providing residents with a sustainable and efficient source of lighting.

2. *Rural Electrification Extension Reaches Ameke, Ogrishi, Obodo-Edeh, Azu-Egu, Uno-Ofia:*

Ongoing efforts to extend rural electrification have reached key locations, namely Ameke, Ogrishi, Obodo-Edeh, Azu-Egu, and Uno-Ofia in Obinagu Uwani. This expansion is a crucial step towards improving the quality of life in these communities.

3. *Replacement of Electric Poles at Amuzu Village:*

Responding to infrastructure needs, the replacement of felled electric poles at Amuzu village in Obinagu Uwani demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a reliable electricity network.

4. *Transformer Repair Enhances Orji Village's Electricity Supply:*

The repair of the electricity transformer at Orji Village in Obinagu Uwani signifies a targeted effort to address specific issues, ensuring a continuous and stable power supply to the community.

5. *Solar Lights Enhance Security at Collation Centres:*

The installation of solar lights at five collation centres in Akpugo Development Area, five in Awkunanaw Development Area and two in Nkanu West Development Area not only contributes to community development but also enhances security during public gatherings.

6. *Solar-Powered Street Lights Illuminate Umueze Ward and Obe Ward:*

Umueze ward witnesses the installation of solar-powered street lights, bringing a brighter and safer environment to residents. Similarly, Obe ward benefits from solar street lights, contributing to the overall progress in electrification efforts.

Nkanu West LGA is undoubtedly making significant strides in improving infrastructure and the quality of life for its residents through these electrification projects. These initiatives not only illuminate the streets but also symbolize a brighter future for the entire community.


Nkanu West LGA recently empowered its community through a comprehensive four-week ICT training program held at the Nkanu West ICT centre situated in the Council Secretariat. Participants gained valuable skills to enhance their technological proficiency and contribute to the local community's development.



In a noteworthy initiative, the Nkanu West Local Government Authority has taken substantial steps to address longstanding environmental challenges, particularly in waste management and sanitation. Key accomplishments include the successful evacuation of years-old waste dumps at Nkwo Akpugo Market, marking a significant milestone in improving the overall cleanliness of the area.

Another commendable effort involved the prompt evacuation of accumulated waste at Orie Mba Market in Akpugo, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing sanitation conditions in local markets. Furthermore, the proactive removal of heaps of refuse at Eke Agbani, Agbani Law School road, and opposite Flex Restaurant has contributed to a cleaner and healthier environment for residents.

The authorities also targeted the notorious refuse dump at Ozalla 4-corners, employing effective waste management strategies to ensure the area is free from environmental hazards. This initiative aligns with the ongoing commitment to create a sustainable and hygienic living environment for the community.

One of the notable achievements in mid-2022 and 2023 was the comprehensive grass clearing along the major road from Agbani, Umueze, Obe, Ozalla to 4-corners junction. This effort not only aesthetically enhanced the landscape but also mitigated potential fire hazards, demonstrating a holistic approach to environmental management.

The Nkanu West LGA's proactive stance on environmental sanitation reflects a commitment to fostering a healthier and more sustainable community. These initiatives underscore the importance of civic responsibility and government intervention in creating an environment that is conducive to the well-being of its residents.



In a groundbreaking move, Nkanu West LGA has spearheaded a series of interventions to revitalize the Health Sector. Among the noteworthy initiatives are:

1. *Ndiuno Obuno Health Centre, Akpugo:* 

The health center has been equipped and operationalized, bolstering its capacity to provide quality healthcare to the community.

2. *Ndiagu Obuno Health Centre, Akpugo:*

Similar efforts have been directed towards this health center, ensuring it is fully equipped and operational to meet the healthcare needs of the local populace.

3. *Umuatugbuoma Health Centre, Akegbe Ugwu:* 

This health facility has undergone a significant transformation through comprehensive equipping and operationalization, enhancing its role as a vital healthcare hub.

Furthermore, the installation of solar lights at this health center not only addresses infrastructure needs but also ensures a sustainable and well-lit environment for healthcare delivery.

4. *Orjiagu Health Centre, Agbani:* 

In a commendable effort, the burnt Orjiagu Health Centre has undergone a comprehensive renovation, including the crucial tasks of reroofing and refurbishing 54 windows and doors. This revitalization aims to restore the center's functionality and improve its overall infrastructure.

Additionally, solar lights have been installed at the Orjiagu Health Centre, contributing to a more reliable and efficient healthcare service, especially during low-light conditions.

5. *Agbani Health Centre:* 

The rain-felled fence of the Agbani Health Centre has been reconstructed, fortifying the perimeter and ensuring the security and integrity of the healthcare facility.

These interventions underscore the commitment of Nkanu West LGA to prioritize the well-being of its residents by investing in the enhancement of healthcare infrastructure. The transformative measures are poised to have a lasting impact on the accessibility and quality of healthcare services in the LGA.


In response to the growing security concerns in Nkanu West LGA, significant strides have been taken to enhance the safety and protection of residents. A series of strategic initiatives have been implemented to fortify security measures across key locations in the LGA.

Firstly, a military post equipped with accommodation facilities and a security tower has been constructed at Amodu. This proactive step aims to establish a strong presence, ensuring swift responses to potential security threats in the area.

Additionally, a state-of-the-art, concrete-reinforced 2-storey security tower has been erected at Agbani Police Station. This tower boasts 30 surveillance cameras and a cutting-edge control room, empowering law enforcement with advanced tools for monitoring and responding to incidents effectively.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining the integrity of security infrastructure, the rain-felled fence of Agbani Police Station has undergone reconstruction. This repair not only reinforces the physical security of the station but also symbolizes a commitment to the overall safety of the community.

Moreover, to enhance visibility and surveillance, solar lights and CCTV cameras have been strategically installed within the Council Secretariat. This comprehensive approach ensures that key administrative areas are well-lit and monitored, contributing to the overall security ecosystem of Nkanu West LGA.

These initiatives collectively signify a concerted effort to beef up security in the LGA, reflecting a commitment to the safety and well-being of the community. The integration of modern technology, infrastructure reinforcement, and proactive measures demonstrates a holistic approach to address the security challenges faced by Nkanu West LGA.



In a recent development in Nkanu West LGA,  the community of Aguorie Amodu in Okowo is witnessing a groundbreaking transformation through an ongoing water project. The initiative involves the drilling and construction of a substantial 10,000-litre water borehole, poised to address long-standing water scarcity issues in the area.

Local authorities have reported that the project aims to enhance access to clean and sustainable water sources for the residents of Aguorie Amodu. The drilling and construction efforts are progressing steadily, marking a significant step towards ensuring the community's water needs are met.

It is expected that the completion of the 10,000-litre water borehole will not only alleviate the existing water scarcity challenges but also contribute to the overall development and prosperity of Aguorie Amodu and surrounding areas in Nkanu West LGA.

This ambitious undertaking is a testament to the concerted efforts of both local authorities and the community to address essential needs and create a sustainable future for the residents. As the drilling and construction work progresses, anticipation builds for the positive changes this water project will bring to the lives of the people in Aguorie Amodu, Okowo.


In a recent report, significant strides have been made in advancing development across Nkanu West LGA through a series of impactful projects. The ongoing site preparation for the construction of six rooms and a hall, all en-suite with additional conveniences, aims to relocate Nkanu West Development Area from Agbani to Amurri, promising improved infrastructure and accessibility.

Furthermore, a noteworthy contribution of 800 bags of cement has been made towards the construction of the Agbani Civic Centre, showcasing a commitment to bolster communal spaces. In a bid to enhance local infrastructure, an additional 50 bags of cement have been generously donated to support drainage construction in Akiyi Village, Ndiagu Uwani Akpugo, addressing critical needs in the community.

The commitment to public safety is evident in the erection of extra coaches on the fence of the Fire Service outpost at Ozalla, ensuring enhanced security measures. Moreover, proactive measures have been taken to prevent potential flooding, with the desilting of drainage channels at Ozalla 4-Corners.

The administrative headquarters in Agbani is witnessing a transformative change with the construction of a Mini VIP Modern Car Park, designated for the Council Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and HPM. Simultaneously, work is in progress for a modern car park within the Council Secretariat, Agbani, set to accommodate over 100 cars, facilitating efficient operations.

The Nkanu West Legislative Chamber and principal officers' offices has been equipped with state-of-the-art furniture and solar-powered fans, underscoring a commitment to creating conducive working environments. Additionally, the construction of modern public conveniences at the Council Secretariat, Agbani, reflects a focus on improving facilities for the convenience of all stakeholders.

These initiatives collectively represent a comprehensive approach to development, addressing various aspects of infrastructure, community well-being, and administrative efficiency within Nkanu West LGA. The positive impact of these projects is poised to resonate across the LGA, fostering progress and prosperity for the residents.

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