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In a recent development, there has been a commendable push to enhance education in Awgu LGA, showcasing a series of completed and ongoing projects. Notably, the construction of Central School Mmaku Annex, Agugwu Ezioha, Mmaku, with its completion, stands as a testament to the commitment to educational infrastructure.

Unity Primary School Amofia has seen significant improvements, including the completion of three classroom blocks and two office spaces for school heads. The reconstruction of Central School Nkwe has also been successfully accomplished, contributing to the overall educational landscape in Awgu LGA.

Sports infrastructure has not been overlooked, as a Badminton/Volleyball Court has been constructed at Model Secondary School Mmaku, providing students with opportunities for physical activity.

Ongoing projects further underscore the dedication to continuous improvement. The reconstruction of Onoli Community Primary School Lot 1 and Lot 2 signifies an ongoing commitment to enhancing primary education facilities.

The extensive fencing and reconstruction of the NYSC Orientation Camp Awgu, covering over 1600 meters, have been completed, ensuring a secure and conducive environment for youth orientation activities.

Lastly, the ongoing reconstruction of Central School, Awgu, reflects a forward-looking approach to improving educational facilities. These concerted efforts exemplify a commitment to providing quality education and fostering a conducive learning environment for the community.



A concerted effort has been made to electrify Awgu LGA through the successful completion of the Awgu LG 33KVA Rural Electrification Project. The project encompassed a range of crucial tasks, including the installation of power lines, placement of poles, procurement of an Auto Recloser, clearance of bushes along the lines, and acquisition of other essential machinery.

The electrification initiative represents a significant milestone for Awgu LGA, as it not only addresses the longstanding need for improved access to electricity but also demonstrates a commitment to enhancing the overall quality of life for the community. The completion of the 33KVA Rural Electrification Project is expected to bring about positive socio-economic transformations, providing residents with more reliable power sources for their daily activities.

Key aspects of the project include the meticulous lining of power cables, ensuring efficient transmission of electricity throughout the LGA. Additionally, the strategic installation of poles enhances the durability and stability of the entire electrification infrastructure.

The procurement of an Auto Recloser adds an extra layer of reliability to the system, enabling swift responses to potential faults or interruptions. This technological advancement contributes to the sustainability and resilience of the newly electrified area.

Furthermore, the clearance of bushes along the power lines is a critical measure to prevent potential hazards and ensure the smooth operation of the electrical network. This attention to detail emphasizes the safety and long-term viability of the electrification project.

In conclusion, the successful completion of the Awgu LG 33KVA Rural Electrification Project marks a significant achievement in the journey toward improved living conditions for the residents of Awgu LGA. The collaborative efforts in lining, pole installation, procurement of an Auto Recloser, and clearing bushes along the lines underscore the commitment to delivering reliable and sustainable electricity to the community, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future.



In a recent update on the state of healthcare facilities in Awgu LGA, notable improvements have been reported, showcasing a commitment to enhancing healthcare services for the community.

1. *Renovation of Ogbaku Health Center - Ogbaku Ward (Completed):*

The Ogbaku Health Center in Ogbaku Ward has undergone a successful renovation, marking a significant milestone in the efforts to revitalize healthcare infrastructure. The completion of this project is expected to contribute to improved health services and better facilities for the local residents.

2. *Construction of Ugbo Health Centre (Ongoing):*

A promising development is underway with the ongoing construction of the Ugbo Health Centre. This project reflects a proactive approach towards expanding healthcare facilities to accommodate the growing needs of the community. The construction is a positive step towards ensuring accessibility and quality healthcare services.

3. *Provision of Solar Refrigerator and Solar Lights in all Health Centers in Awgu LGA (Completed):*

The implementation of solar-powered solutions, including refrigerators and lights, in all health centers across Awgu LGA has been successfully completed. This initiative not only addresses the challenge of power supply but also ensures the continuity of essential services, particularly in storing medications and providing adequate lighting for medical procedures.

4. *Perimeter Fencing of Agunese Mmaku Health Centre (Completed):*

The completion of the perimeter fencing project at Agunese Mmaku Health Centre is a crucial step in enhancing security and privacy for both patients and healthcare providers. This measure contributes to creating a safe and conducive environment for healthcare delivery.

These accomplishments underscore the concerted efforts of the local government in prioritizing the health and well-being of its residents. As the construction projects progress and completed initiatives continue to make a positive impact, the community can anticipate improved healthcare services and a more resilient healthcare infrastructure in Awgu LGA.


In a significant development, recent infrastructural upgrades have transformed Awgu LGA. Notable achievements include:

1. The Onoli-Obuovia road, spanning 2.44KM, has been asphalted to over 60% level with a dual erosion control system completed. 

2. Amoli Community in Mbanabo South benefits from the lateriting/grading of a 2km road.

3. Governor Peter Mbah's Lodge is nearing completion at 90%.

4. Omala River Bridge in Ogboli/Ohaja Awgu ward I has been successfully constructed.

5. Bridges like Ngeleaja in Awgu ward II, Awa Iyido in Mgbidi, and Obodo Umuoye Erosion Control Network in Agbogugu Ward contribute to enhanced connectivity.

6. Nkwe Customary Court, Nkwe.

7. Awgu LG ICT/Administrative Block (ongoing completion) add to administrative infrastructure.

8. The Awgu Local Government Secretariat Podium has been expanded with new Polyvinyl seats.

9. Olie Awgu market is undergoing construction/expansion into a Modern Daily market.

10. Afọr Market Hall in Nenwenta, the Culvert at Amankwo/Agbani/Odume/Akpuoka Road, and Culvert at Ọhaja showcase progress in various wards.

11. An Ultramodern Public Toilet/Urinary is being constructed at Eke Mgbowo Daily Market in Mgbowo ward.

12. Culverts at Umuogba, IHE-Ihe Ward, and Madu-Akọ junction in Obeagu ward contribute to local infrastructure.

13. Ndi Ogwuta/Enugu-na-Obunegu/Ugwunato Bridge in Enugu-Isu, Isuawa community, and Box Culverts at Alichi Street, Bishop Court, NA Quarters Awgu, demonstrate commitment to connectivity.

14. The Anikenano Development Center Building has been roofed, and two Culverts are now part of Amajirija road.

15. The Awgu Local Government Secretariat has undergone renovation.

16. The ongoing drainage system on Amajirija-Uhuagu road and the reconstruction of the Hall/House of Chiefs signify continuous efforts in infrastructure development.

In conclusion, the infrastructural strides in Awgu LGA reflect a commendable dedication to enhancing the quality of life for its residents, with completed projects and ongoing initiatives shaping a promising future for the community.



In a proactive approach aimed at bolstering security in Awgu LGA, the authorities have taken significant measures to address safety concerns. Two Hilux vans and two Sienna buses have been acquired to fortify security operations in the LGA. 

Additionally, the reconstruction of a Two Rooms Flat at the Awgu Police Division Barracks stands as a testament to the commitment to provide adequate living quarters for law enforcement officers. This initiative not only contributes to their well-being but also fosters a conducive environment for efficient coordination and collaboration among the security forces.

To further amplify intelligence-sharing capabilities, the local government invested in state-of-the-art security gadgets. These sophisticated tools have been thoughtfully distributed among security personnel across various wards, fostering seamless communication and collaboration to preemptively address potential security threats.

Recognizing the importance of agility in navigating the diverse terrains of the area, Awgu LGA also procured 30 security motorbikes. These motorbikes, strategically distributed across wards, enable security personnel to swiftly respond to incidents and maintain a visible presence in the community, deterring criminal activities.

In bolstering aerial coordinates, the establishment of three joint-security checkpoints at crucial flashpoints. These checkpoints aim to enhance vigilance and ensure a safer environment for residents by strategically monitoring key areas.

In conclusion, the comprehensive approach taken by Awgu LGA, encompassing vehicle acquisition, infrastructure development, and technological advancements, reflects a steadfast commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its residents. These measures underscore the proactive stance of the local government in addressing and mitigating potential security challenges, fostering a secure environment for all.


In a significant stride towards enhancing agricultural productivity, Awgu LGA acquired two tractors coupled with a range of implements dedicated to farming. This move signals a pivotal moment in the LGA's commitment to fostering agricultural development and ensuring food security.

The procurement of these tractors, equipped with modern farming implements, is poised to revolutionize the local agricultural landscape. The machines are not merely assets; they represent a strategic investment in the empowerment of local farmers, aiming to boost their efficiency and yield.

Local authorities highlight the importance of mechanization in agriculture, emphasizing its potential to alleviate labor-intensive practices and streamline farming processes. The introduction of these tractors is expected to catalyze a paradigm shift, marking a departure from traditional, manual farming methods.

Farmers in Awgu LGA are optimistic about the positive impact of this initiative on their livelihoods. The increased capacity for land cultivation, timely planting, and improved overall efficiency are anticipated outcomes that will directly contribute to the economic well-being of the community.

Moreover, the move aligns with the state and national goals in promoting sustainable agriculture. The utilization of modern machinery not only enhances productivity but also supports environmentally conscious farming practices, aligning with global efforts to create a more sustainable and resilient food system.

In conclusion, the acquisition of two tractors coupled with farming implements is a commendable step towards advancing agricultural development in Awgu LGA. This investment is expected to ripple through the local economy, benefiting farmers, fostering food security, and positioning Awgu LGA as a hub for progressive and sustainable farming practices.



In a groundbreaking initiative, the Youth Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Program has left an indelible mark on the youth of Awgu LGA. The program, characterized by the ambitious One-Youth-One-Skill Skill Acquisition initiative, has successfully empowered 300 young individuals with diverse skills that transcend traditional boundaries.

The program, designed to address the pressing need for skill development among the youth, covered a spectrum of vocations. Participants were immersed in intensive training sessions, honing their expertise in Web Designing, Cosmetology, Tailoring, Shoe-making, Decorations, Videography/Photography, Bead making, Hair dressing/barbing, and more. The comprehensive nature of the program aimed to cater to the varied interests and aspirations of the youth, fostering a diverse range of skills.

Noteworthy is the provision of state-of-the-art working machines and tools to each participant. Sewing machines breathed life into the dreams of budding tailors, clippers empowered aspiring barbers, toasting machines kindled entrepreneurial spirits, and video and photo cameras equipped the next generation of visual storytellers. This strategic distribution of tools not only ensured that the beneficiaries were well-equipped but also laid the foundation for sustainable, independent enterprises.

The impact of the Youth Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Program extends beyond skill development; it is a catalyst for economic transformation within the community. By empowering the youth with tangible skills and the necessary tools, the program has set the stage for job creation, entrepreneurship, and community development. The ripple effect of this initiative is expected to be felt for years to come, fostering a self-sufficient and empowered youth demographic.

As testimonials pour in from the empowered youth, it becomes evident that the program has not only imparted skills but has also instilled a sense of pride.

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