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Illegal Levy: The Bane of Economic Prosperity: Enugu State Government Warns against Illegal Tax Collectors.


~SPA Journal.

Enugu State,  has been grappling with the issue of illegal levy collections for quite some time. These unauthorized taxes are not only detrimental to the state's economy but also burden its citizens and businesses. In response, the Enugu State Government has taken a strong stance, issuing stern warnings against illegal tax collectors and emphasizing the need for compliance with legitimate tax regulations.

The Menace of Illegal Levy

Illegal levy collection has become a significant concern in Enugu State, as unscrupulous individuals take advantage of unsuspecting citizens and businesses. These illegal taxes are often levied under the guise of arbitrary charges, without any legal backing or government authorization. Such practices are a direct violation of the state's taxation laws, causing harm to the economy and impeding its growth potential.

Economical Sabotage and Its Impact

The imposition of illegal levies by unauthorized tax collectors not only disrupts the smooth functioning of businesses but also hampers economic growth. These additional financial burdens stifle entrepreneurship, discourage investment, and hinder job creation. Many businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, have been severely affected, leading to closures, layoffs, and decreased economic productivity.

The Role of the Enugu State Government

Recognizing the detrimental effects of illegal levy collections, the Enugu State Government has taken a proactive stance to address this issue. The government understands the need for a conducive business environment to attract investments and foster economic growth. In this regard, it has made concerted efforts to raise awareness about legitimate tax regulations and the consequences of illegal tax collection.

Government's Warning against Illegal Tax Collectors

The Enugu State Government has issued a stern warning to illegal tax collectors, making it clear that their actions will not be tolerated. Government officials, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, have embarked on an intensive crackdown to identify and apprehend these unauthorized individuals. Any offenders caught illegally collecting taxes will be subjected to the full force of the law.

Encouraging Compliance and Collaboration

The government has emphasized the importance of compliance with legitimate tax regulations and encouraged citizens and businesses to report any instances of illegal tax collection. The Enugu State Internal Revenue Service (ESIRS) has set up a dedicated helpline, enabling the public to report illegal levy activities anonymously. This collaborative approach aims to root out the problem at its core and promote a transparent and accountable taxation system.

The Way Forward

To eradicate the menace of illegal levies, ongoing education and awareness campaigns are necessary. The Enugu State Government, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, must continue to provide training and sensitization programs for taxpayers and businesses on their rights and responsibilities. Additionally, efforts should be made to streamline the tax collection process and establish appropriate mechanisms for handling complaints and grievances.


Illegal levy collection is an issue that undermines the economy of Enugu State, threatening its growth and prosperity. The Enugu State Government's strong stance against illegal tax collectors signifies its commitment to curb this menace and promote a transparent and accountable taxation system. By encouraging compliance and collaboration among its citizens and businesses, the government is taking significant steps towards achieving a thriving and sustainable economic environment for all.

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