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Disruptive Innovation: Enugu's Journey to Greatness and Peter's Magic Wand

Effective leadership is shown when leaders dare to tackle difficult situations to create positivity in people's lives. A great leader distinguishes themselves by leading people to where they ought to be, not just where they want to be. This is the approach that His Excellency Dr. Peter Mbah has taken in governance. His unconventional approach to governance and administration is a deviation from the norm in the Nigerian political system. Having achieved fantastic results in the private sector, he inspired confidence in people that he could deliver on his promises.

His Excellency's promise to grow the economic base of the state and increase the GDP of the state from 4.8 billion dollars to 30 billion dollars raised eyebrows. However, he has developed templates to draw resources from idle governmental assets and untapped resources that demonstrate his commitment to delivering on his promise. His excellency's administration has also centralized the taxing system and engaged with private business owners of international repute both nationally and internationally to achieve his goals.

In his first year in office, 71 roads were awarded, with over 90% completion. This has led to a free flow of movement on the roads, which has benefitted both the state and individuals with previously dormant businesses. Additionally, his promise to commission the Enugu metropolitan water project within 180 days in office was fulfilled, providing residents with much-needed water.

Dr. Peter Mbah's innovation extends beyond political rhetoric to real-world solutions. The smart schools being constructed in the 260 wards of the state, are a testament to his belief in innovation and the need to groom new generations equipped to meet the world's technological advancements. His Excellency understands the importance of preparing the future generation of leaders to compete in the knowledge economy and bridge the gap between developed and developing nations.

The health sector has not been neglected by His Excellency as he has signed contracts to construct 260 type 2 hospitals across the state. This will remedy the situation in which the average Nigerian has a low life expectancy and no adequate healthcare facilities to match health service demand. Furthermore, he has brought palpable democratic dividends to Enugu citizens by implementing various economic and palliative policies to cushion the effect of fuel subsidy removal.

His Excellency has also delivered in ensuring security challenges are tackled decisively. When outlawed groups threatened residents, he ordered an end to illegal sit-at-home orders and brought sanity to the entire southeast.

In conclusion, his Excellency's first year in office has been characterized by greatness, achievement, and action upon action towards creating a better Enugu state.

Ajuluchukwu Ezeakor
Ukpabi-Nimbo (Uzo-Uwani).

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