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Nigerian Youths and the Task before Senegal’s newly elected 44 Year Old president


by Jimoh Mumin  

MR Bassirou Diomaye Faye has been duly elected as fifth president of Senegal. He is 44 years old. The people of Senegal have stopped voting for aged politicians. This is a big challenge to all Nigerian youths to wake up.

Do we really have brilliant, vibrant and competent youth who can contest for the office of the president in Nigeria? Yes. We have a lot of brilliant and competent Nigerian youth who are physically and mentally sound to govern this nation. There are many responsible youths who can become Nigeria’s president in their early 40s. Will aged Nigerian politicians permit our youths to become the president of this nation?

We the Nigerian youths are proud of President-elect Faye. The president-elect should emulate Obafemi Awolowo and Nelson Mandela of South Africa. These leaders used everything they had during their lifetime to liberate the children of the poor from the shackles of poverty by making free qualitative education accessible to all. We remember these two leaders for good.


President-elect Faye should create more Jobs for Senegalese youths. Mr Faye is expected to make free quality education accessible to all Senegalese citizens. I also want to urge Mr Faye to recover all loots and assets belonging to Senegal from politicians. He should appoint women to his cabinet. He should also declare his assets publicly to all the people of Senegal. It is my hope that Nigeria and other African countries including Niger and Mali will emulate Senegal to choose a young politician as their next president.

Jimoh Mumin, Ibadan.

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