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‘He’s just stupid’ – Catholic bishop knocks President Biden on abortion, gender theory

A Catholic bishop in Michigan, United States of America, has weighed in on the gap between President Biden’s policies and his professed Catholic faith, suggesting “forgiveness” for the president’s “stupidity.”

Bishop Robert Gruss of the Saginaw Catholic Diocese mentioned Biden during “Forgiveness as the Heart of Christianity,” a lecture given at the Cathedral of Mary of the Assumption.

Fox News reports that Gruss in the discussion called on congregants to let go of unproductive anger and resentment towards others.

Daily post reported that the cleric cited his own experience growing up with an alcoholic father and a letter he wrote in adulthood forgiving him for the trauma of his youth.

While reflecting on his own feelings towards Biden, who has embraced a public affiliation with Catholicism while also supporting abortion, gender ideology, and other policies contrary to Church teaching, the bishop said he pities him.

“I don’t have any anger towards the president. I feel sorry for him. I’m not angry at him, he’s just stupid,” Gruss said.

The comment provoked renewed laughter from the audience, though the bishop remained serious.

“It’s not stupidity in the derogatory way, it’s stupidity in the sense of … he doesn’t understand the Catholic faith.”

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