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JUST IN: Nigerian Engineer Advocates for Local Monetization of Facebook Accounts

In a recent call to action, Engr. Lawrence Uzor has urged the Nigerian government, particularly the Senate and House of Representatives, to intervene and ensure that qualified Nigerians receive payment for their monetized Facebook accounts while residing in Nigeria. This plea comes amidst frustrations faced by Nigerian content creators who are denied the opportunity to monetize their accounts locally.

Highlighting the disparity, Uzor emphasized that while Nigerians contribute significantly to Facebook's revenue through their extensive usage of the platform, they encounter obstacles when attempting to monetize their accounts domestically. Instead, they are often forced to seek assistance from individuals residing in countries like the UK or USA, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation and fraud.

The ramifications of this policy extend beyond individual grievances, as Uzor pointed out its adverse effects on the nation's economy and security. By facilitating local monetization, the federal government stands to bolster foreign exchange inflow, alleviate pressure on the national currency, and mitigate unemployment and crime rates among the youth demographic.

Furthermore, Uzor emphasized that empowering Nigerian youths through access to monetization opportunities would not only stimulate economic growth but also contribute to a safer society by keeping them engaged in productive endeavors.

In light of these concerns, Uzor stressed the urgency for policy reform, advocating for an end to Facebook's discriminatory practices against Nigerian users. Such reforms, he argued, are vital for fostering youth development and empowerment within the nation.

Uzor reiterated that residing in Nigeria should not hinder individuals from accessing equal opportunities, calling for concerted efforts to address this issue and affirming that it is not an abomination to live and thrive in Nigeria.

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