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'Enugu State not engaging in any RUGA project' - Commissioner for Information

The Enugu State Government has addressed misconceptions surrounding its initiative to introduce ranching as a modern solution to mitigate conflicts between herders and border communities. 

In response to recent outcry and viral messages alleging a covert RUGA project, Commissioner for Information and Communication, Aka Eze Aka, emphasized that the government has no intention of implementing RUGA in any part of the state. 

According to the Commissioner, the government aims to curb crimes associated with open grazing by adopting ranching, a widely practiced method globally. Measures will include designated grazing areas and modern abattoirs at each ranch, ensuring controlled cattle movement and proper inspection. 

The government urges the public to discern between ranching and RUGA, emphasizing its commitment to peaceful coexistence and development

His words: *RANCH IS NOT RUGA* 

"The attention of government has been drawn to insinuations and utter misrepresentation by some individuals of the good initiative of government to use ranch to stem the tide of kidnapping and clashes between our border people and the herders. 

"Enugu State Government is not engaging in any RUGA project in any part of the state and shall not do so. RANCH IS NOT RUGA.

"It has become necessary to explain matters regarding the design to use ranching, a modern method all over the world, to rear cattle. The recent viral messages and outcry of a few persons against what they construed as government intention to take over a portion of land in Uzo-Uwani LGA and give out to Fulanis in the guise of RUGA is but the unfortunate machination of those who wished to make a mountain out of mole hill because of political reasons.

"The intention of government is clear on the matter.  Armed bandits and kidnappers in the name of herders have for long taken advantage of our forests and farmland to commit heinous crimes, abduction, rape and killings.  The government of Enugu State has resolved to put a stop to these and introduce ranching, the most modern way of rearing cattles.  Recall that one of the outcomes of the attempts to introduce RUGA establishments in Nigeria was the suggestion to establish controlled ranching as practiced the world over.

 When established, no cattle herder or dealer shall be allowed to roam non-designated areas with their animals for grazing.

"The state government therefore is resolved to strictly implement the laws against open grazing in any part of the state. As a result, specific areas designated for grazing shall be created, managed and held in trust by the government. It is the idea of government to build modern abbatoir around each ranch from where all processing of meat etc are to take place before sale to other parts of the state. Consequently, all cattle movement transported from the northern part of the country stops at the ranch for proper inspection and revenue build up. Government cannot allow fabulists and political manipulators to take advantage of social media to work the people to frenzy against government programmes and projects. 

"Our people are called upon to closely understand the good intentions of government and know that Ranch is not RUGA.


 *Aka Eze Aka* 

Commissioner for Information and Communication. Enugu State."

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