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Udenu Council 2023: The Man Hon.Gideon Tochukwu Eze ( General Orka )

When you talk about Grace,resiliance and humility General Orka Should always be used as Case study in Udenu Politics.

As they say Humility in politics is a rare yet invaluable trait. Which involves leaders recognizing their limitations, listening to diverse perspectives, and acknowledging mistakes.

Which Always enable a  humble approach which at the end will foster cooperation, opens dialogue, and builds trust with your people. 

In Summary is all about putting the greater good above personal agendas and being open to learning from others, creating a more inclusive and effective political landscape for the benefit of the masses .

In the words of #Udochukwu Ezeme he will always say that Udenu is about to witness a government that will be targeted positively towards the people.

The Acceptance on this mandate is very glaring..

®Ikemefuna Chiemezie (Chimex )

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