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“Your Party Doesn’t Exist In Anambra, You All Are Noise Makers” – Soludo Knocks APC


The Governor of Anambra, Charles Soludo has berated the All Progressives Congress (APC), saying that the party doesn’t exist in the state.

Soludo led this out while responding to a statement by the APC that the ruling All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) would die a natural death in 2025.

In a statement released by his press secretary, Christian Aburime, on Wednesday, disclosed that the governor said, Anambra State is APGA land.

Information Nigeria reports that the governor’s press secretary maintained that Anambra is not Imo State and President Bola Tinubu is a known democrat and lover of democracy who will not like interfering with elections in other states.

He said: “We have been hearing what Basil Ejidike, the state chairman of APC in Anambra has been saying. It’s like he is not part of the people living in Anambra State. He keeps saying that Soludo has done nothing; maybe he must have been going around blindfolded.

“There are roads for him to see. There are other infrastructures for him to see. There are so many things Soludo is doing and every normal human being is seeing them. Something must be wrong with Basil Ejidike. He needs to check his entire psychological being to ensure that he is actually a normal person.

“In less than 2 years, Soludo has turned the entire state into a construction site and it is only a blind man that will say he is not seeing what Soludo is doing in Anambra State. But our consolation lies in the fact that Ndi-Anambra are happy with what Soludo is doing and they are ready to support him.

“Let me tell Basil Ejidike that Anambra is APGA land and Ndi-Anambra will forever support APGA because APGA is naturally our party.

“APC doesn’t exist in Anambra State. Its members are just noisemakers in the media. Anambra APC is blind to Soludo’s achievements. They are just being mischievous unnecessarily.”

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