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Rural Transformation: Igbo-Etiti LGA Constructs Over 27.5 Kilometers of Drainages Across 51 Rural Roads


The Ikenna Nwodo-led administration in Igbo-Etiti local government area of Enugu state, has verifiably constructed over 27 kilometres of drainages, spanning across 5 communities in the rural council.

The drainages cut across communities such as Uwelle Amokofia in Ukehe with over 6KM, Umunko/Diogbe drainage works measured at approximately 2KM, Aku drainage works pegged at circa 18KM and Ogbede drainage works measured to be circa 1.5KM. 

These rural integration efforts of the young Nwodo according to findings by include bridges and culverts across the benefiting communities.

According to our findings, the drainage works at Aku include; drainage construction along sections of Egbugwu road and then from Elu Orie Uwelu to Ugwu Ojiyi road. This is part of Nwodo’s larger Aku road construction scheme being handled by the Association of Aku Engineers and Allied Professionals (AAKEAP). Phase 2 of this project includes standard earthworks and pavement construction along sections of aforementioned roads/areas. It also includes the construction of the Elu Orie Uwani - Ugwu Ojiyi Useh road to asphaltic level (Phase 3).

At Umunko/Diogbe/Ukehe bypass road, there is ongoing construction of a double drainage system measuring approximately 2KM with appurtenant catchment pits & a box culvert. Phase 2 of this project includes the rehabilitation of failed portions of the road to asphalt level. 

The Ikenna Nwodo-led administration also has drainage works stemming from Uwelle Amokofia Ukehe up to the Ogbede Local Government headquarters. According to our findings, the project has rehabilitation and construction of drainages measuring about 2KM, beginning at the start John Nwodo road Ukehe, until after the LG headquarters in Ogbede. Again, phase 2 of this project includes the rehabilitation of failed portions of the road to asphalt level.

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