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Uzo Uwani/Igboetiti Fed. Constituency: Claims And Counter Claims as NYCN Chairman, Accuses LP's Stainless Nwodo of Disappointing Performance in 5 months


The Coordinator of National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), in Uzo Uwani local government area of Enugu state, Comr. Oscar Ayogu, has accused the member representing Uzo Uwani/Igboetiti Federal constituency in the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Stainless Nwodo of disappointing performance in the past 4 to 5 months of his inauguration.

Comr. Ayogu in a social media post titled, "the Disappointing Stewardship of Hon. Stainless Chijioke Nwodo: A Call for Accountability", also alleged that, "Nwodo's tenure so far has been marked by a lack of substantial achievements while stating that his campaign promises, which garnered support from the electorate, remain unfulfilled."

Excepts from the NYCN chairman's outburst are  published below: 

"It has been over five months since the inauguration of Stainless Nwodo, the house representative member for the Uzo-Uwani/Igbo-Etiti federal constituency. Unfortunately, his performance thus far has left much to be desired. The promises he made, both online and offline, appear to have been forgotten. It is disheartening to observe that, apart from Denis Agbo, who mentioned Nwodo's name in the house as the co-sponsor of a motion for urgent road rehabilitation of Otukpo, Obollo-Afor, and 9th Mile Road, little has been heard about Stainless in the federal house again.

"As a young and vibrant individual, Nwodo was expected to be proactive and diligent in his role. However, he seems to have fallen short, preoccupied with irrelevant social media posts and photo opportunities. This situation serves as a stark reminder of the consequences when inexperienced individuals assume positions of power.

"Regrettably, Nwodo's tenure so far has been marked by a lack of substantial achievements. His campaign promises, which garnered support from the electorate, remain unfulfilled. The people who entrusted him with their mandate are left wondering if their voices truly matter. It is a disappointing reality that Nwodo's presence within the legislative house has been almost nonexistent beyond the initial motion he co-sponsored. This raises concerns about his commitment to effectively representing the interests of the Uzo-Uwani/Igbo-Etiti federal constituency.

"The current predicament serves as a poignant reminder of the adage, "You cannot give a monkey a spear and expect it to become a great hunter." It highlights the adverse outcomes that arise when inexperienced individuals are entrusted with significant responsibilities. Nwodo's lack of experience and inadequate preparation for his role have become evident, resulting in a weak and ineffective representation. The consequences of such a choice are felt by the constituents, who rightly expected more from their elected representative", he wrote. 

Since publishing the claims, the NYCN chairman, has come under intense criticisms by the followers of the lawmaker, who insisted that it was too early to carryout assessment on the achievements of the Federal parliamentarian. 

In his official response to the criticisms by the NYCN chairman, Hon. stainless Nwodo, in a statement by his SA on media, Hon. Ignatius chigozie Ngana, the lawmaker had dismissed the claims, while describing it as "Cock and bull story."

He however, accused the immediate past member representing Igboetiti/Uzo Uwani Federal constituency, Dr. Martins Okeh of sponsoring the publication against the LP Federal representative. 

He however listed the LP Federal lawmaker's achievements within his short stint at the legislative chamber to include influencing admission into higher institutions at various levels to many people in Ụzọ-Ụwani and beyond as well as paving way for more youths employment and empowerment. 

The SA also stated that the lawmaker was already organising a structure for the twenty youths empowerment per ward which will be unveiled soon, while stating that already, two persons from UZO Uwani LGA, have already been appointed into the National Assembly Service Commission by the lawmaker. 


"Our attention has been drawn to your imprudent social media posts and dehumanization of Rt. Hon. Stainless Chijioke Nwodo, Member Representing the good people of Igbo Etiti and Ụzọ-Ụwani in the 10th National Assembly.

"First and foremost, I feel so ashamed haven gone through your COCK AND BULL stories about political activities of Hon. Nwodo, I called it fallacy of hasty generalisation.

"It got me shocked when you said that Nwodo has been in the house for five months without any achievement to his constituents, this shows that you have no knowledge about political activities in this country. National Assembly members were inaugurated on 13th June 2023 for your information . Is 13th June up to five months now as you claimed? 

"As a PDP stooge, you should have outlined the out performance and infrastructures your pay master (Rt.Hon. Martins Okeh) attracted to his constituency if not his stomach infrastructure.

"Your pay master (Hon. Martins Okeh) has never a time during his tenure attracted any federal project to ndi Uzo-uwani. Most of Uzo-uwani people don't know Martins physically because he kept off from attending any functions at Uzo-uwani during his tenure.

"Stewardship of Rt. Hon stainless Nwodo can never be a disappointment to his constituents. The wining of Nwodo is the best thing that happened to his constituents.

"Igbo-etiti/Uzo-uwani have made a best decision to have given their mandate to Nwodo, and they will never regret it because the future is bright .

"Further more, Nwodo has already influenced admission at various levels to many people in Ụzọ-Ụwani and beyond. He is paving way for more youths employment and empowerment. During August meeting, he toured almost all parishes in Ụzọ-Ụwani in appreciation to the mandate given to him. He has already started organising a structure for the twenty youths empowerment per ward which will be unveiled soon. He appointed our two sons into National Assembly Service Commission which your boss never did. 

"Shortly, after the February 25th National elections that produced Labour party candidate, Oje na nwayọọ as a winner, two of the major contestants in the election, Martins Oke and Sam Ekwueme have since rejected the results as announced by INEC, with each of them laying claim to winning the election and vowed to challenge him in the law court.

"Ever since then, the election litigation has been a challenge and distraction to Hon. STC Nwodo, after he has won them in election petition tribunal, they continued dragging him to appeal court where we are waiting patiently to get our final ordained victory.

"Oscar, as a youth in uzo-uwani and media urchin, you would have advised your pay master to withdraw his shameless election litigation that has been hindering development in our constituency.

"It would have been better if some of political Lords from uzo-uwani looked into all the court cases and resolved them out of court expeditiously before now since every one knows the truth. This could have been to our own interest because, we want rapid development in the constituency.

"Igbo-etiti/Uzo-uwani strongly believe that our future is bright with Rt. Hon stainless Nwodo and the light will shine in no distance time.

"OSCAR, all your thoughts are in muddle or you have no knowledge about political activities in your constituency. It is too early to evaluate brother", the response read.

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