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Supporting Dr. George Ajogwu's Initiative: The Gburugburu Free Medical Surgery Programme


When Dr. George Ajogwu initiated the Gburugburu Free Medical Surgery programme, scepticism abounded, with many, including myself, questioning its timing, given its launch shortly before the commencement of the current administration's election campaign. However, upon attending the inaugural event at the Nimbo Health Centre, my doubts were dispelled as I witnessed the sheer magnitude of individuals suffering from various medical conditions, all unable to afford the necessary surgeries. This programme provided them with a glimmer of hope, as they were offered the opportunity to receive medical treatment free of charge, which instilled a renewed sense of optimism in their lives. It was heartening to observe fellow community members in dire need making their way to partake in the free surgical services on that very day.

In the subsequent months, Dr. George Ajogwu carried out successful surgeries on these individuals without seeking financial remuneration, and his compassion extended even further. He went as far as providing monthly stipends to those patients who could not afford sustenance post-surgery. This commitment to their holistic well-being showcased his unwavering dedication to their recovery.

As the election season loomed, Dr. George expanded the programme beyond Uzo-Uwani, reaching other parts of Enugu North. Critics speculated that these efforts were politically motivated or intended to curry favour with the government. However, Dr. Ajogwu remained resolute in his mission, undeterred by such accusations, and he continued to focus on his mission to provide free medical services.

When the elections concluded, Dr. Ajogwu did not let up on his mission; instead, he bolstered the programme by initiating another remarkable deavor. He established a programme to train nurses free of charge across the 16 wards of Uzo-Uwani local government. This exemplified his commitment to uplifting the healthcare sector by producing skilled professionals without the financial burden that many incur in acquiring similar training.

A recent visit to Dr. Ajogwu's hospital left me astounded when I discovered that he had recruited over 30 nurses, provided them with shelter, and furnished them with free sustenance. These are services that individuals typically pay substantial sums to access, yet he chose to offer them without charge.

Dr. George Ajogwu's record of success is truly remarkable. He has performed over a thousand surgeries, addressing a myriad of ailments, all free of charge. His dedication goes beyond the operating room, as he ensures that patients receive the necessary post-operative care and routinely checks on their progress.

Despite his laudable efforts, there have been detractors and naysayers on social media attempting to discourage him from continuing this noble work. They have resorted to name-calling and criticism, illustrating an unfortunate propensity in our society to tear down rather than uplift.

To Dr. George Ajogwu, I would offer the following advice: do not be disheartened by the negativity and hostility of those who seek to undermine your mission. Detractors and critics are an inevitable facet of life, but the countless lives you have touched through the Gburugburu Free Medical Surgery programme will forever stand as a testament to your unwavering commitment. Uzo-Uwani boasts a wealth of medical professionals and other experts, and they should consider this an inspiring challenge rather than an opportunity to obstruct your altruistic efforts. Even if immediate rewards are not forthcoming, the divine rewards for your selfless service are assured. Continue your commendable work, as the youth of Uzo-Uwani stand firmly behind you.

I’m Oscar Ayogu

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