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‘No policeman can arrest you over dreadlocks, bump shot, not wearing bra’ says Delta Police spokesman

By James Agberebi

Spokesperson of the Delta State Police Command, Bright Edafe, has said no policeman has the right to arrest anyone putting on dreadlocks, bump shot or girls without bra in the state.

Edafe stated this in a video posted on his X handle on Tuesday.

According to Edafe, anyone arrested over the aforementioned must insist on going to the police station.

“I’ve been getting complaints that members of the public, particularly residents in Delta State, are being harassed by sometimes vigilantes, anti-cult and some incalcitrant police officers.

“I want to make it very clear that on the issue of dress code, improper dressing, boys carrying dreadlocks, wearing earrings, girls wearing bump shots, mini skirts or girls going out without a bra, it is not an offence. That circular was debunked by the state government; hence, no policeman, vigilante, anti-cult or anybody can harass you for that.

“If they insist that it is an offence you should insist that you want that matter to be taken to the police station. I really want you to know that it is not an offence.“

The spokesperson also talked about the issue of tinted vehicles.

“On the issue of tinted, factory-fitted tinted vehicles, the Commissioner of Police has directed that we can allow you. You can use it in the interim pending when the police lift the suspension on tinted permit.

“However, for those having artificial tinted, if you have the already existing tinted permit before it was suspended, then you would be allowed to use your tinted vehicle. But if you don’t have please peel it off.

“No policeman has been directed to arrest over tinted, however if you have artificial tinted vehicle you are advised to peel it off to avoid any form of embarrassment.

“If they held tell them that the directive is that you peel it off then you can peel it off right there but if you don’t then the police would have no choice than to impound your vehicle.“

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