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Dr George Ajogwu: An exemplary Professional making positive impacts on humanity.


When a man assists the less-privileged individuals in the society  unconditionally with his hard-earned monies, skills or vocation, such outstanding acts of generosity cum philanthropy attracts commendation from all and sundry.And that's why in Igbo parlance it's agreed without fear of contradictions  that when you appreciate what an achiever does, it motivates him to do more, hence everyone especially those who love good things and want the society to become a better place are singing Dr George Egbunam Ajogwu praises because of his good works for humanity.

Dr Ajogwu,had through a laudable programme termed  Gburugburu Free Surgery Programme conducted more than one thousand successful surgeries for our people in Enugu North Senatorial District as this had  undoubtedly  made his name a household name.

The icing on the cake is not about the unconditional services rendered to those who would have lost their lives owing to lack of fund to get proper medical attention via surgery but that the young, vibrant , determined doctor performs these surgeries with expertise.His selfless services in the field of medicine had earned him the title, "Ozoigbondu 1".

Whether it's appendectomy ,breast biopsy, Caesarean Section, laparoscopy,lumpectomy , herniorrhaphy or any type of surgery you can mention, he will do it with such dexterity and professionalism that commands respect.Such commendable acts command respect and admiration even if you don't like him.

With the current state of our economy, any major surgery that a patient requires to bounce back to good health will need a lot of money to secure such medical service.Fortunately, we have an illustrious son of Uzo-uwani who is rendering these services without asking for a dime.This is humanity and  he deserves encomiums which he receives.

At the inception of the Programme, some misconstrued it to be politically-motivated considering the name of the former Governor of Enugu State,Rt Hon Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi, Gburugburu that was attached to it and predicted that the programme will come to an abrupt end once Gburugburu is no longer in power.

But Dr Ajogwu proved his critics and those giving his selfless services to humanity some political colouration wrong.The programme has continued to thrive even after the election.He even made it clearer why he attached Gburugburu name to the programme.

According to Dr Ajogwu, Gburugburu came to his aid while he was finding it extremely difficult to pay my tuition  in medical college.Virtually, everyone abandoned me to my fate but Gburugburu who was at the House of Reps then came to my rescue."If  not Gburugburu, I wouldn't have become a medical doctor.He is the messiah God used to make my dream of becoming  a medical doctor a reality as he single-handedly paid my tuition which made me graduate from medical college  and  I will be eternally grateful.He played life-changing roles in my life which I can't forget till eternity".

Dr Ajogwu is giving back to society in a manner that have endeared him to both his well-wishers and foes.He tours every Development Centre in Enugu

North Senatorial District in order to attend to patients suffering from different medical challenges requiring surgery.If he receives a  call of any  medical emergency, he doesn't hesitate to make himself available with a view to proffering solutions to the ailments.And he doesn't demand. for a Kobo to do this.

Regardless of our religion and political ties, we all love good things and want it in our lives.This encapsulates the personality of Dr George Egbunam Ajogwu.May the good Lord continue to bless and strengthen you with good health as you serve Him and humanity in a historic, selfless and admirable manner.

We are proud of you, Ozoigbondu 1 and keep the light of generosity aflame as history will always be kind  whenever your name is mentioned.

©Lugard  Iloabuchi Egwuma

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