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*Ugwuanyi's Legacy On Job Creation And Human Empowerment: A Reflection On The Past Administration*

By *Kelechi Okpe*

Let me start by sharing this story; While I was in my supervisor's office, a student  walked in with files, smartly dressed and organised. I was attracted by his comportment. He looked very young so I quickly assumed he is one of the new undergraduates intake. "Good morning sir " he greeted. 'Nice morning"  I responded with a smile bright enough to send my compliments. "I'm here to 

see Dr Chukwumezie". " I see, he stepped out and would be back in jiffy. Here's a sit." I offered. "Thank you sir". He appreciated while taking a seat. "You are welcome to University of Nigeria Nsukka" I added. " "Thank you though I'm not new here" he replied. I was startled by his response, I inquired more and he told a story.

Ikenna is young lad from Obollo, who struggled financially to seat for his waec examinations in 2017. Thereafter, he would go to Ankpa, Kogi State to join his distance brother in vulcanising workshop. This was the best the family could afford. But then, comes the human developmental policy of Ex- Governor Ugwuanyi, a strategic model that created start up environment for human capital growth and otherwise.

Immediately after his senior certificate examinations, the State Government opened a recruitment window for employment, Ikenna was recruited into the Enugu State ministry of environment. He would wake up every morning to clean and sweep a portion of the street/road assigned to him and return back home to continue with the activities of the day.

He earned 30,000  monthly while UNN school fees was about 63,000 per annual. So he quickly sought for admission and was admitted. And the rest became a good story.

Ikenna graduated with a first class honour and has gotten master's degree scholarship abroad. He had come to see Dr Chukwumezie with regards to his traveling documents.

This story can be said of very many youths of Enugu, who sprout from the various human capital developmental platform created by Ex Governor Ugwuanyi.

The passed administration was highly marked by unwavering commitment to job creation and human empowerment. Notwithstanding the economic quagmire of the nation, the administration of Ugwuanyi fostered an environment conducive to job opportunities and economic prosperity to all her citizens. Countless families have been positively impacted by the numerous job opportunities that have emerged during the tenure.

First, the Enugu State Street Cleaning team created employment opportunities for 1500 youths and resident of Enugu.

Another is MOT, Ministry of Transportation traffic warders which has about 2000 employee

The Forest Guard unit which was created by the past administration also provided a good employment opportunities for the youths.

As result of the improved infrastructural development by Ugwuanyi's administration in health and education, the sector provided a hand full of   job opportunities. It is on record that the past administration employed about 5000 personnel as teachers and health workers.

Recognizing the potential of SMEs in generating employment and fostering innovations, Ex Governor Ugwuanyi placed significant emphasis on supporting small business.  He introduced financial assistance, technical support  and access to market, to enable SMEs to expand and create more job opportunities.

The Enugu State Scholarship Board functionality was at it peak in the last administration. The commission offered about 1000 full funded scholarship and mentorship opportunities to indigenous students. It is my pride to inform you that we have numerous Enugu indigenous students doing exploits across the world, courtesy of Ugwuanyi administration.

The past administration initiated comprehensive skills developmental programs and vocational training schemes. Understanding that education and skill workforce is a backbone of a thriving economy, the Government sponsored about 5000 persons in agriculture and ICT training in CSS Integrated Farm in Nasarawa State and Enugu respectively.

Beyond the numbers and statistics mentioned above, Ugwuanyi led government showed a genuine care for the well being of every citizen. This has been evident in every initiative the government undertook; Bursary to law school students, 13months salary,

Offsetting of hospital bills and ushering youths leaders into governance are worth mentioning.

In nut shell, Ex Governor Ugwuanyi's tenure will be remembered as a transformative period marked by remarkable achievement in job creation and human empowerment. His commitment to uplift the lives of the people and creating job opportunities for all will continue to inspire future leaders and policy makers for generations to come.

Godbless Gburus!

© *Kelechi Okpe*

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