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‘Igbos Still Making Civil War Mistake, It’ll Take 25 Years Of Hardwork To Produce Nigeria’s President’ — Joe Igbokwe


Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Joe Igbokwe, has claimed that it would take South-East 20–25 years of hard work to produce the President of Nigeria.

Igbokwe made this declaration in response to the load of accusations levelled at his statements where he termed Igbo people as “onlookers in the Nigerian project.”

While his continued romance with the All Progressives Congress has been seen as treachery, bootlicking, sleazy, and unbecoming, be took the opportunity to respond to comments regarding the issue, saying, “This is the problem. You terrible and pathetic bigots think you are the best God ever created and this is the biggest problem facing Igboland today.

“Jisienu Ike. Every election year you cry. Play politics. Mbanu. Make friends across Nigeria. Mbanu. Build bridges. Mbanu. We have become onlookers in Nigeria. See 2031 and 2039 are also settled. Continue.

“But know this and have inner peace: it will take any Igbo man 20 -25 years of hard work to produce the president of Nigeria.”

Information Nigeria reports that Igbokwe also referred to the way he had been branded a saboteur, betrayal and sell-out, likening his situation to what was obtained during the Nigerian civil war.

Maintaining that Igbos were still making the mistakes they made during the civil war, he said: “We are getting worse by the day and I am worried to the marrows given what I read here. Speak the truth and instantly you become a traitor, saboteur, betrayer, sell out, the kind of stuff we witnessed during the civil war from 1967 to 1970 and Biafra lost many competent, educated and committed Soldiers.

“My take: If you believe that LP won the presidential elections you can believe anything. Shame has enveloped me. Just read the narratives above and you will want to throw up. What has happened to Igbo? We are still making the mistakes we made during the civil war.”

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