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Gov. Mbah’s 100 Days in office


By  Samson Ezea 

I am not an apostle or crusader of the first I00 days in office of public office holders, especially the state governors and its attendant assessments, razzmatazz, and fanfare.  That does not mean that nothing happens within the first 100 days in office. Something happens because government is a continuum and can never be stagnant and void.      

While some believe that 100 days is enough for government to achieve something and show governance direction, others are of the views that 100-days is too early in the morning to assess any government’s performance and pass a verdict. This is because it is and will be wrong to assess a journey of four years within the first 100 days without factoring in the remaining three years and ten months? Others will say that we use the day to know how the night will be, forgetting that day and night share equal long hours.

Just like the engineer, former Governor of Ebonyi State and current Minister of Works, Engr. Dave Umahi, said during his recent visit to Governor Alex Otti in Umuahia, after the  inspection of the state of federal roads in Abia State, Umahi said that 100 days was not enough for a governor to design good and quality roads talk more of constructing them. He made it very clear that 100 days is not enough to assess a governor or government and pass a verdict. Umahi spoke from experience and on the point of facts and realities. That is, by the way. 

Meanwhile, looking at the first 100 days in office of Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah of Enugu State, call it 100 days of business unusual, disruptive innovations, policy formulations, paradigm shift, solid foundation laying, hitting the ground running,  setting the agenda and pace for enduring and sustainable good governance and democracy dividends, you are right, because Mbah is on course and has been walking the talk.

It is factual that even before winning the Enugu governorship election on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) platform,  Mbah didn’t minced words or play to the gallery during the electioneering campaigns. He was so unequivocal, prepared, and resolute about his mission and vision in governance and government of Enugu State that will be anchored on disruptive innovations and business unusual if elected 

  Many, including his party faithful, stakeholders and residents of Enugu, thought that such was the usual political promise, rhetoric and sophistry often deployed by politicians to win people’s votes and elections. No, not for Governor Mbah, who had an ambitious, achievable, and all-sectors integrated manifesto and have seen it all both in private and public sectors, where he carved a niche for himself before becoming the Governor. Not for a man who is desirous and in a hurry to change things that will engender rapid development, employment opportunities, saner, thriving and conducive environment  for Ndi Enugu. 

That was why on assumption of office, Mbah recognized the fact that nothing can be achieved in the atmosphere of insecurity and crisis, hence he pronounced immediate ban of the IPOB-induced illegal Monday sit-at-home that has almost become a tradition and culture in the Southeast region, especially in Enugu State.

Mbah didn’t stop at proscribing the order, he rather took the battle to the promoters, enforcers, and supporters of the illegal order through a robust collaboration with the people and the security agents. Despite persistent armchair and social media strictures, sabotage, and treachery to discourage Mbah, he remained unperturbed, undaunted, and focused. 

His resilience paid off as the illegal Monday sit-at-home has become a thing of the past in Enugu State and the Southeast region at large. The history of the efforts to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, stoppage of illegal Monday sit-at-home and the defeat of Mazi Simon Ekpa-led faction of IPOB in Enugu State and Southeast region cannot be complete without mentioning Governor Mbah’s immense contributions, determination and doggedness. It is on record that since Governor Mbah assumed office, the so-called enforcers of illegal Monday sit at home have not struck anywhere in the state. 

Not done, Mbah revived and renamed the state moribund security outfit from Rapid Response to Distress Response Squad and provided the security agents with many new operational vehicles and other required modern security gadgets to restore peace and security across the state. 

Mbah’s promise of giving Ndi Enugu pipe-borne water within the first 180 days in office has already begun to yield fruits before 180 days with the massive reactivation of abandoned boreholes and opening up of new ones across the Oji and Ajali rivers, Ninth Mile, Ngwo and Iva Valley axis. This has led to the running of many dry and abandoned taps in different parts of Enugu city, namely Abakpa, GRA, New Haven, Ogui, and Uwani, among others. Testimonies about this positive and gladdening development abound among the residents of Enugu State. 

There has been tremendous improvement in the clearing of waste and debris, with Governor Mbah’s provision of modern compactors to replace the tippers and trucks that were used before. The intervals of clearing the waste have increased, and the waste bin stands are now purpose-built. This has helped in improving the neatness and cleanliness of the state. 

In the area of appointments, Governor Mbah shifted the paradigm by bringing on board core professionals,  technocrats, new breeds, and few old politicians. This is in line with his government’s vision for new Enugu that will be driven by advanced  technology, massive investments, job creation and disruptive innovations that will positively and directly impact on the lives of the people. 

Being mindful of his campaign promises and the contents of his manifesto, especially as it concerns infrastructural development and  projects, Mbah has already outlined 81 important roads and two strategic flyovers whose construction will commence across the state immediately due process is completed and the rainy season subsides. 

Not left out in the 100 days in office of Governor Mbah are the pensioners and retirees in the state. Two different committees were set up by Mbah’s government to scrutinize and verify the submitted claims, and two months of these arrears have since been paid to them by Governor Mbah. In a bid to enthrone fiscal discipline, transparency, accountability and traceability in the collection and management of the state  government’s finances and revenues, Mbah’s government has introduced e-payment and other financial mechanisms to plug loopholes, leakages and improve revenue. 

Knowing full well the constitution of the country and powers of the Federal Government as regard what is contained in exclusive, concurrent and residual lists, Mbah has explored and still exploring means and opportunities of partnering and collaborating with Federal Government, its agencies and parastatals in bringing development to Enugu State. 

Unlike in the past and common among state governors, who usually globetrott and galivant overseas in the name of searching for foreign investors, Governor Mbah has within 100 days in office organized Enugu State Investment Roundtable, where he pulled personnel from major international organisations, donor agencies like World Bank, AFDB alongside local and foreign investors to Enugu and showcased multiple and untapped investment opportunities in the state that will help his administration to achieve the targeted 40 billion dollar GDP from the present 3.3b dollar, making the state to be among the five subnational development index and among three top states in Nigeria in GDP and 0% poverty headcount index.   

It is of note that before the Enugu State Investment Roundtable, Governor Mbah was a guest speaker at the 2023 International Conference and Expo organized by Lagos Chamber of Commerce, Minning  and Industry in Lagos, where he marketed and presented several investment opportunities in Enugu State and his government’s plans and efforts to harness them in partnership and collaboration with international organisations, local and foreign investors. 

Dissecting critically and sincerely Governor Mbah’s 100 days will  leave no one in doubt of Mbah government’s commitment, preparedness and determination to take Enugu State to enviable heights in all sectors of the economy and human endeavors.

The indices and parameters to achieve it are very clear and factual. It is crystal clear that with Governor Mbah’s dispositions and sound policies so far, there is light at the end of the tunnel, better days ahead for Ndi Enugu for their Tomorrow Is Here With Them already. No procrastination or foot-dragging.

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