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Opinion: Gov. Mbah And The Security Situation In Enugu


By Samson Ezea 

Undoubtedly, from the outset of his administration, Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah of Enugu State made security of lives and properties a top priority, knowing full well that it is the major primary responsibility of government. That was why Governor Mbah didn't hesitate to take on the non state actors and enforcers of the Monday IPOB sit at home and banned the order immediately. 

  As the residents and people of the state savour and relish the gains of the recovery and reclaiming of their very important Mondays and the defeats of the promoters and enforcers of the illegal order, it is not surprising that some of the remnant recidivists, criminal herders and their collaborators, who have been dislodged from their strongholds and hideouts by Governor Mbah's government in collaboration with security agents have relocated and regrouped in some targeted soft spots and fringes in some parts of the state, there by heightening the security situation in the state.

   Having being dismantled, rendered ineffective and stopped from operating within the metropolis and its environs, it is not unexpected of these criminals and daredevil kidnappers to risk the last struggle of a dying horse that will not keep them afloat at last as the security agents and state government have intensified efforts and measures to clampdown and eliminate them from the state.

   It can be seen that stopping them from striking or operating in Enugu metropolis since

 Governor Mbah assumed office is giving them and their promoters and sponsors nightmares. Hence, they are trying to fight back. The concerns being raised by some residents and indigenes on the heightened activities of kidnappers in some parts of the state is in order and expected. That does not mean that the security agents and Governor Mbah's government are not working hard to tackle the menace and eradicate it completely. This is so because it is antithetical, a great impediment, and at variance with his governance's visions. 

   Evidence of Governor Mbah Government and security agent's efforts in that direction was the recent netrualisation, killing, and arrest of some enforcers of sit-at-home at home at Mgbowo in Awgu Local Government Area of the state and other places in that axis. Also, some weeks ago, a gallant Mobile Police officer lost his life in a gun duel with kidnappers along Nike- Ugwuogo-Opi road in which two kidnappers were gunned down and their arms were recovered. 

   It will amount to narcissism, cynicism, and hypocrisy for anyone to be completely critical and dismissive of the glaring efforts of Mbah's government and security agents in tackling insecurity in the state since assuming office.

   Nevertheless, the situation along Nike-Ugwuogo-Opi road calls for introspection, retrospection, and change of strategy. While it is a fact that security issues and strategies are not for public discussions or debates to curb sabotage, there is a need for the top security hierarchies to profile their personnel on duty in that axis. A situation where there is increased presence of security personnel along the road and kidnappers are still striking or operating calls for more questions and thorough investigations. 

   Why I will not agree hook,line and sinker the social media rumours making rounds that security personnel and locals living around the axis are confidants, collaborators and accomplices of the kidnappers operating on that road, it would be suicidal, retrogressive and counterproductive gloating and glossing over such weighty allegation and rumours. 

   This is because where the child is crying and pointing at if his father is not there, the mother will be there. Before now,  some surviving victims of kidnapping along the road have made similar allegation while sharing their experiences with the kidnappers. 

  Intense surveillance, proper profiling and thorough investigation of the activities of security personnel on duty and locals along the road will help the security agencies and Governor Mbah's government to unravel the mystery surrounding the incessant kidnapping for ransom along the road, despite government's concerted and unrelenting efforts alongside security agents  in the state. It is becoming obvious that what is happening along the road is not ordinary and more than what the eyes can meet. Sabotage and complicity may not be out of it. Governor Mbah's government and security agencies deserve the support and cooperation of all Ndi Enugu to tackle the recent security breaches in some parts of the state.

  Finally, it is not hyperbolical to say that despite the recent pockets of security breaches in some parts of Enugu State, which the security agents and Mbah's government are already tackling, Enugu remains one of the safest and most peaceful state. This is in consideration of the security situation in the country, particularly in Southeast region, where if the level of insecurity and killings that happened and are happening in the neighbouring states happens in Enugu, people and residents won't even know what to say or do.

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