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Niger Coup: Don’t Let US, France Push You into Unnecessary war — Orji Kalu To Tinubu


Lawmaker representing Abia North Senatorial District in the National Assembly, has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu not to allow the United States of America (USA) and France compel him to launch an invasion against the Niger Republic’s military junta.

This appeal comes after the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) declared immediate standby order against the coupists after a Thursday summit in Abuja, Nigeria.

Information Nigeria reports that the former Senate majority Chief Whip who expressed his concerns said, both the United States and France want Nigeria to join the war, but the President should ignore their wishes because going to war is not the best option.

“The United States wants us to go to war. France wants us to go to war. Why don’t they put their soldiers and go to war? We will give them the money to fight. Let them go to war on their own. We can not go to war. This war is in our backyard. I plead with the president to listen to the voice of the Senate. The Senate has said no and I’m joining the Senate and I join the majority of Nigerians telling President Tinubu not to go to war for the sake of brotherhood and the sake of Africa,” Kalu said.

According to him, instead of resorting to war, the focus should be on giving the coupists a specific time frame to present a plan outlining how they intend to return to democracy.

“I don’t think it is a good idea to go to war. What they should tell the Juntas to do now is to give us a Democratic transition plan for one year, six months or two years to return to democracy,” he added.

The Senator emphasized that the war has no connection to Nigerians, adding that no Nigerian soldier should lose their life due to this conflict.

“I don’t think any Nigerian soldier’s death is good enough to be killed for another country. It is not our war. It is an internal problem of the Niger people. We have nothing to gain,” Kalu stated.

However, he disclosed that if not going to the war will cost Nigeria her membership in ECOWAS, President Tinubu should be ready to withdraw from the organization.

He added that, “Nobody should attempt to take us into war. We cannot go to war with Naija at all. If it means pulling out of ECOWAS, Nigeria should pull out of ECOWAS if that is ECOWAS’s decision. We are a sovereign nation. Nobody can toil with 250 million Nigerians. It is not possible.


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