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God Sent President Tinubu To Lead Nigeria To Prosperity – Prophet Godwin Ikuru


Prophet Godwin Ikuru of Jehovah Eye Salvation Ministry has revealed that Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a divine leader sent by God to guide Nigeria towards prosperity and unity.

The cleric made this declaration during a special session on the state of the nation and led prayers for the country in Abuja on Friday.

“I have strong faith in my country and its leadership, particularly our President, whom I believe has been sent by God to lead us,” Prophet Ikuru said.

The clergyman believes that Nigeria will experience prosperity under President Tinubu’s guidance.

He urged Nigerians to remain calm amidst current fuel crisis, emphasizing that the removal of fuel subsidy is a strategic measure taken by the President.

“The President removed the subsidy to address the issues surrounding the palliatives. I urge the people to have faith in our wise and knowledgeable leader,” he stated.

Information Nigeria reports that Prophet Ikuru highlighted the President’s past achievements as the governor of Lagos State, which he transformed into a global attraction.

“He successfully made Lagos State a beacon of hope for Nigeria. People genuinely love Lagos State, and foreigners are drawn to its allure,” he said.

The Prophet also took the opportunity to advocate for unity across different political parties, emphasizing that the elevation of Nigeria to global prominence requires collective efforts.

“Achieving this requires a combination of unity and love in our efforts to build a nation that captivates the world’s attention,” Prophet Ikuru expressed.

Reflecting on the issues surrounding Nigeria’s refinery, the Prophet expressed confidence in the President’s ability to resolve the matter.

“Soon, we will have a highly efficient refinery operating in Nigeria. This will lead to a decrease in prices, benefiting the impoverished masses,” he predicted.

Prophet Ikuru concluded by calling for improved security measures in the country and fair distribution of palliatives to states.

“We should study how other countries are improving security and consider implementing similar measures,” he suggested.

He also urged the President to find effective ways to directly assist the masses in each state of the country.

“I pray for the President to have divine health and accurate understanding in order to move Nigeria forward,” he said .

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