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Angry Kano Residents Protest Proposed Military Invasion Of Niger Republic


Some angry residents of Kano State have rejected the proposed military invasion of Niger Republic by the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS).

Recall that ECOWAS on Thursday directed military forces of the Member States to be on standby for the restoration of democratic rule in the neighbouring West African nation.

INFORMATION NIGERIA reports that the protesters stormed the embassy located at Boulevard des Ambassades in protest against Nigeria’s role in the proposed kinetic action by the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, to reinstate ousted President Mohammed Bouzum.

However, the protesters, over the weekend, were seen displaying Nigeria and Niger’s flags, chanting anti-war songs and moving around the state capital.

In a viral video making wave on internet, the protesters was chanting words like “Nigeriens are our brothers”, “Nigeriens are also our family’. “Niger is ours; we don’t want war; war against Niger is injustice, a plot by the Western forces.”

Meanwhile, Nigerian Ambassador to Niger has denied a viral report that the nation’s embassy was burnt by angry protesters in Niamey, Niger.

The statement was in response to an online video of a burning building purported to be Nigerian Embassy in Niger.

Liti Auwalu for the Nigeria Ambassador to Niger said protesters tried to gain access to the embassy, but the Nigerien military and police managed the situation, adding that the embassy is well guarded.

The statement reads: “It has been brought to our notice that fake videos showing the torching of the Chancery Building in Niamey by protesters are circulating on various social media platforms.

“The Embassy wishes to inform the general public that even though protesters tried to gain access to the Embassy on July 30, 2023, the Nigerien Military and Police Authorities promptly curtailed the situation.

“At the moment, the Embassy is well guarded by the Nigerien Military and other Security Authorities.

“We reiterate that the videos are fake and as such the general public is enjoined to disregard such videos.”

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