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I Will Never Understand Why A Christian Woman’s Goal Will Be To Be S3xy, It Is The Spirit Of Lust At Work – Solomon Buchi


Popular Nigerian writer and life coach, Solomon Buchi, has opined that the goal of Christian women shouldn’t be s3xy. 

According to him, s3xiness is not a fruit of the spirit, but the spirit of lust at work. 

In a post shared on his Facebook page, Solomon wrote;

”I will never understand why a Christian woman’s goal will ever be to S3XY. Sexiness is not a fruit of the spirit; it’s the spirit of lust at work. Dress to glorify God not to show the world that you have a great body, or to incite public passion.

That’s why we hear Christian women refer to themselves as Christian baddie. One day you’ll hear people address themselves as born again demon. And guess what? The women who disagree with me, will not take it lightly if their pastor say they look s3xy. Cognitive dissonance, right?

If you will feel a certain way if your pastor or even a total stranger calls you sexy, then are you being honest that sexy is a neutral and harmless label? The only person that should call you sexy is your husband or wife, and that should be privately. Simple. ‘Beautiful’ ‘cute’ ‘good looking’ and ‘pretty’ is enough compliment. If you want to be s3xy, check your desires.”

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