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Threat to invite IPOB to Lagos out of frustration – Igbo leader


The detained Igbo leader in Lagos, Fredrick Nwajagu, says has described his threat to invite the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as empty and borne out of frustration.

Rights activist, Malcolm Omirhobo, who visited Nwajegu at Ikoyi prison, made this known in a post on his social media page.

He said : “I visited Fredrick Nwajagu , the Eze Ndigbo of Ajao Estate Lagos state on Thursday the 6/4/2023 at the Ikoyi custodial facility where he has been remanded for 30 days over threats to invite the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to Lagos by orders of chief magistrate, Peter Nwaka,.

He informed me and I verily believe as follows;

1) That on Friday 31/3/2023’he made the threat out of frustration and annoyance because of the police and DSS refusal , failure and/or neglect to protect the lives and properties of Igbos in Lagos following attacks on them before, during and after elections .

2) That he is not a member of IPOB neither does he have any contact with them.

3) That the police have searched his house thoroughly and found no trace of of any incriminating thing to tie him to IPOB.

4)That he made the empty threat on Friday and in early hours of Saturday his house was raided and he was arrested by a combined team of the police and DDS.

5)That he was immediately taken into DDS custody at Magodo before he was transferred to the Lagos State Criminal investigation Department Panti , Yaba where he was interrogated , his statement taken and thereafter his house was searched .

6)That on Wednesday 5/4/2023 he was charged to court with conspiracy and breach of public peace for threatening to bring IPOB to Lagos State .

7).That his plea was not taken.

8)That the case has been adjourned to 3/5/2023 for mention.

From the above it is clear that the police , and DSS are much ado about nothing about Nwajagu’s threat on Lagos . What a responsible police is suppose to do is to caution Nwajagu , free him and put him under close . surveillance .but alas the Nigerian police has refused to do any of these but instead ensured that he is incarcerated for no just cause because of where he comes from or class in Nigeria .

Tell me the difference between what he did and what MC Oluomo did ? Both of them put fear in Lagos residents. MC Oluomo threatened Igbos and the threat was carried out during the Gubernatorial and state House of Assembly elections in Lagos . Despite overwhelming evidence MC Oluomo was never invited interrogated or investigated by the police, not to talk of been detained or charged to court . In fact the police became his defence counsel as hey described the threat as a joke .

Until the philosophy which hold one ethnic group superior and another inferior in Nigeria is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned there shall be no unity in Nigeria .”

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