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Why police declared Bauchi Rep member wanted – CP

Bauchi State Commissioner of Police, Mr Aminu Alhassan, has explained why the member representing Bauchi Federal Constituency, Honourable Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi was declared wanted by the police.

Statepress reported that a bounty of N1 million was announced as reward for anyone that can give information leading to the whereabouts and arrest of the wanted federal lawmake.

Abdullahi is being wanted in connection with the recent bloody violence in Duguri, the home town of the governor Bala Mohammed, where one person was shot dead few hours after a Peace Accord was signed by candidates and political parties.

The police confirmed that 14 people were injured in Duguri after shooting ensued during the All Progressives Congress (APC) rally.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) accused the APC Gubernatorial team of Air Marshal Saddique Abubakar who went to the area on campaign responsible while the APC claimed the shootings were carried out by the PDP.

The police had declare Abdullahi wanted as one of the four prominent figures alleged to be behind the attack in Duguri while the police claims he declined honouring their invitation for questioning.

Reacting to allegation by the immediate past Speaker Yakubu Dogara that the police did not follow the due process of inviting a service lawmaker hence the declaration of Abdullahi wanted was a gross violation of the National Assembly Acts, CP Alhassan maintained that the allegation against the lawmaker was criminal offence and was declared wanted for failing to honour police invitation.

He said four prominent politicians in the state, including the lawmaker were fingered as culpable in violence in parts of the state and were invited but Abdullahi repeatedly refused to honour the invitation by the police hence was declared wanted.

“In all fairness to everybody a day after the incident which happened late in evening, before the death of one of the victims l was in touch with the APC.

“Their own direct complaint was that people gathered to attack them.

“l repelled that one and sent policemen and they lined up in that area and later on escorted them to everywhere they wanted to go.

“But when we heard that somebody died and all accusing fingers were going into some four prominent persons in that group, we had to start looking for them And one of the fastest ways of getting information to be delivered was to talk to the stakeholders.

“The two major stakeholders, APC, l talked to them that I would need these persons to come. They didn’t come. Late in the evening l had to sent message to them from my own telephone,that these are the people l need, even with pictures that allegations were going on and we police cannot get allegation without clearing them.

“The expression there was that they couldn’t get them, especially this honorable Yakubu. I told them that l am now waiting for any of them

l am now waiting for any of them to bring that Yakubu and Golaru to me. I am going out to arrest them..let them not feel slighted.

I sent my operatives to sniff into all nooks and crannies where these men hibernate. on hearing that all I was looking for of them all of them ran out of Bauchi. This is time for digital tracking. I have discovered how he even left Bauchi, where he was and before.he left for Abuja.

“He is fully aware. We do not need to go to the National Assembly. We do not need to inform the National Assembly before arresting him. This is a criminal offence and we don’t need to go through that because I have never heard that members of the NASS have immunity in criminal cases , except for governors,. deputy governors , that immunity can be waved.

“To cite good example, his good fellow in Kano, Ado Doguwa was recently arrested and charged. He was charged for something similar. He was arrested in the airport and nobody went to the National Assembly to seek permission. The essence of declaring Abdullahi wanted was to make him a persona non grata, meaning all my police and other security agencies can arrest him and bring him to me, or else he can continue hide like Saddam Hussein until he was arrested.”

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