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Meet Nigerian Top Model and Ex-beauty Queen, Yvette Meurer Who Arrests Attention With Her Beauty As She Unveils New Project


Despite emerging winner as the Most Beautiful Model In Nigeria as far back as July 2, 2016 Queen Yvette Meurer still slays spicy hot with her elegance, beauty, brain and of course good heart for the less privileged members of the society and widows.

Born to a Nigerian mother from Delta state in the 90s, Yvette Meurer's dad is from Netherlands. It is therefore safe to say that she is a half-caste with dual citizenship — Nigerian and Dutch. 

With a strong determination to be a pace-setter in her generation, Yvette a sister to the Nollywood screen goddess, Rose Meurer, married to Nigerian socialite Churchill has in the past decade been a brand ambassador to notable organisations in Nigeria, driving such brands with her noticeable visibility, creativity and ability to squeeze water from the proverbial stone and most importantly, he confidence and belief in herself. 

She has featured in advert modelling for MTN, Ebony Hair cream as well as several skin care product brands. 

She spent her formative years in Gambia where she also cut her first teeth from in the modelling industry at a tender age. As a free mixer who knew her direction in life, she took active part in talent hunt shows, stage plays and indeed, other activities that assisted in defining her future right from school days. You may now wonder less why her sister, Rose another personification of beauty has graciously carved a niche for herself in Nigerian film industry. It runs in the blood. 

The soft-spoken and beauty-drippling Yvette Meurer has undergone several academic, leadership and business courses across the African continent and Europe. 

Managed by Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, a brand owned by Amity Global Network with AlexReports as CEO, the beautiful amazon has also taken frantic steps to document her experience in book, putting her on the pedestal of those whose names will live for a long time because authors don't die as their works outlive them. 

Queen Yvette's work, "Part To Excellence" is a 129 literary work painstakingly put down to serve as a guide to youths in Nigeria on how best to apply their God-given talents for self development. 

Still in this trajectory, plans are at top gear to unveil another creative masterpiece she has just authored, titled "Surviving alone: the struggles and strengths of African widows". This time, the focus is on widows, how unfair they have been treated in some quarters of the Nigerian society and litany of socio-cultural beliefs that have affected them. 

The book is expected to be officially unveiled to members of the public in the second quarter of the year. Calls have gone to individuals, groups and corporate organisations interested in partnering with her for advert endorsement, billboards and commercial engagements to quickly reach out to her. 

Expectedly, she has released beautiful photos ahead of the book unveiling which will have high profile individuals in attendance. 

This is just one in plethora of projects she has undertaken to give Nigerian widows a voice in a society that has not done much to alleviate their plights. She has through her organisation rolled out massive empowerment projects for widows across Nigeria. 

These she said are targeted at reaching every demography of the society with something to enhance their livelihood. The youths first, and now the widows. For her, no circle of the society should be left behind. 


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