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The Common Reasons Why Your Stomach Keeps Getting Bigger Everyday

According to Healthline, poor nutrition, insufficient physical activity, and emotional stress are all contributors to the accumulation of abdominal fat. Changes in diet, physical activity, and other aspects of daily living can be beneficial.

In addition to weight increase and pregnancy for women, a rising stomach could signal water retention, bloating, hormonal changes, or even an unbalanced digestive system.

The following are explanations for why your stomach keeps expanding every day, as reported by MedicalNewsToday.

1. Poor diet.

This is a very common cause of abdominal obesity. What kind of person wants a small, well-drained stomach when they eat junk food on a regular basis?

Sugary foods and drinks, such as cakes, candy, soda, and canned fruit juice, as well as processed and baked foods high in trans fats and carbohydrates, such as rice, yams, and potatoes, can cause abdominal expansion.

2. An excessive amount of alcohol consumption.

Many health issues, such as fatty liver disease and inflammation, have been linked to excessive alcohol consumption.

Excessive drinking is linked to increased belly fat in men, according to a 2015 paper on alcohol and obesity, however the results for women are less clear.

3. Lack of quality sleep

According to a Reliable Source, not getting enough sleep might make you gain weight, which in turn may make your belly fat more noticeable. No inferences about causation can be made from the data presented here.

Lack of sleep has been related to binge eating, which in turn may contribute to the accumulation of belly fat.

Sleep deprivation has been linked to emotional eating and other negative eating habits.

4. Lack of physical activity.

Likewise, your expanding stomach is a direct result of your failure to exercise regularly. When caloric intake exceeds calorie expenditure, weight gain occurs, especially in the abdominal region.

Source: Healthline Website

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