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Portable dropped as guest artiste in South Africa’s show

Once again, street hop singer, Portable, has been removed as a guest artiste for a forthcoming show abroad. In March, the singer was removed as a performing artiste in a show that was billed to hold in Canada.

His removal was spearheaded by Canada-based Nigerian comedian MC Moris, due to the singer’s unruly attitude which is displayed on his several social media platforms.

The humour merchant further sent a petition to the immigration service to deny Portable’s visa application.

Fast-forward to September 2022, the singer has once again been removed as a guest artiste for a show scheduled to hold in South Africa.

His exclusion from the show once again is courtesy of humour merchant, MC Moris, who seemed appalled by the singer’s antics and rants on social media in recent times.

Taking to his social media, the Master of Ceremony wrote, “Noah was tagged stupid until it began to rain. The same Nigerians insulted me and called me all sorts of names when I removed that psycho patient from my show in Canada and also stopped his USA tour.

“Now they’re thanking me for saving them international embarrassment. A visionary leader is always seen as wicked, evil or inconsiderate until the manifestation of what he averted is seen.

“I’m stopping the South African show he was shortlisted for on November 3rd. Until he unlearns and relearns. We won’t import nonsense to the world. I’m his international manager with no salary.”

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