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“No Need to Visit the Barber”: Nigerians React as Lady Loses Hair after Dyeing it for Birthday

What was meant to be a new look for her birthday went south after a lady’s visit to the salon.

In a video currently trending on social media, the lady can be seen holding back the tears as she shows the condition of her red hair.

The caption reveals that she had wanted a new look for her birthday, which is perhaps, dyeing her hair red, and it didn’t go as planned.

From the video, it appears she lost chunks of her hair as a result of the dye – or relaxing her hair after the dye.

Check out the video below:

Social media users react


“But Wetin the woman Dey comb I no go gree oo.”


“No need to visit the barber … the comb alone nah clipper.”


“It’s the woman forming everything is under control for me.”


“She still dey add cream dey comb am.”


“Ah you still get mind sit down there she fix another thing.”


“Wait oo what’s happening ? We’re is the remaining part of her hair.”


“I will never dye my hair in Nigeria I’ve seen how dyeing hair is properly done, Omooooo never will I do in this country.”


“She can’t decide if she wan cry or not.”


“Happened to me too 2days to my birthday…same hair color sef…omo I used abolo to do birthday.”


“What is she still styling? Nawa. Just go to a barber shop Biko.”


“Never due and relax at the same time.. instructions are always on the back of item you bought .. but you people will not read. Sorry sha.”

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