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Organisers Release Activities To Herald New Date Of African NGO Festival In Abuja

The African NGOs and International Donor Organizations festival earlier slated for 29th to 30th July 2022 has been postponed. 

The event is being spearheaded by Ango Media in partnership Roost Foundation. 

At a press briefing on Thursday in Abuja, the founder Roost Foundation and former DG National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons, NAPTIP, Dame Julie Eniekedo Donli said the postponement is due to unforeseen circumstances. 

"The Management of Ango Media and Roost Foundation regret to announce the postponement of African NGOs and International Donor Organizations festival Initially slated for 29th to 30th July 2022" she said. 
While announcing 29th September 2022 as the new date, the organisers expressed regret for inconveniences this shift in date will cause invited guests, partners and stakeholders. 

Scheduled to hold at Sheraton Hotels Abuja and Towers Abuja, the Red Carpet will commence 5:09pm while Main Event will kick off 7:00pm. 

She said the event seeks to celebrate the achievements of Non-Governmental Organizations that have impacted lives in the area of Healthcare Delivery, Food Aid, Human Development and Sustainability Programmes in Africa.

Also speaking, the CEO, ANGO Media, Samaila Vangawa further gave an insight on the activities that will herald the African NGO Festival. 

"The pre-event activities will include road walk, which is the coming together of different NGOs, international, donor organizations to make statement and celebrate the birth of synergy. 

"There will also be sports league inter sport competition between nonprofits, civil society, companies, social entrepreneurs and philanthropists. 

"The zoom online conference is our first one-on-one interaction with nonprofits, civil society, companies, social entrepreneurs and philanthropists in other African countries and the world on the need for synergy. 

"The master class  is moment with organizations media team where visibility ideas will be shared.

"Main day morning event will be a success story exhibition where non-profit organizations, civil society organisations, social enterprise agencies exhibit photos that tell their stories" he said. 

He further highlighted that there will be an interactive moment where organizations, stakeholders and funders will interact to find solutions to some of their challenges. 

In the evening of the event day, there will be premiere of a short movie that will briefly tell the story of nonprofits, civil society, companies, social entrepreneurs and philanthropists around Africa. 

There will also be induction of non-profit African Ambassadors which will include men and women who support the works of noprofit organizations in Africa.

It will also feature impact award presentation to industries, contributors, humanitarians and philanthropists to appreciate their good works.

There will also be unveiling of 100 Most Impactful NGOs and International organizations in Africa compendium, a compendium with story of organizations impacts. 

African NGOs and international donor organizations magazine will also be unveiled and will continue as monthly publication for platform that will create awareness on the activities of nonprofit in Africa 

Alex Nwankwo, the media director of the African NGO Festival in his comment highlighted some of the gains nominated NGOs will enjoy. 

He said, "Nominated NGO enjoys the media visibility across African countries both on cable television, radio stations, prints stables, electronic networks, and online/social media platforms of over 129m Visibility.

"Nominated NGO enjoys special invitation across the 22 African Nation both diplomatic and humanitarians, especially on special occasions as approved in partnership with the Nations.

"Nominated NGO will be privileged to have their profile and content featured on NGO TODAY showing on 3 cable network and online.

"Nominated NGO will also be part of the high powered SUMMIT that will involve top humanitarian organization which entails interaction exercise for possible partnership. grants and charity loans." 

The event has as theme, 'The Birth of Synergy'. It will also serve as a platform for Non-Governmental Organizations and other relevant stakeholders in the sector to commune and recount their success stories, dialogue on new trends to improve the living standards in Africa, promote humanitarian development across the Continent.

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